Selected Recent Talks


Random Walks as a Stable Analogue of Eigenvectors (with Applications to Nearly-Linear-Time Graph Partitioning)
ICERM Workshop on Electrical Flows, Graph Laplacians, and Algorithms: Spectral Graph Theory and Beyond Workshop on 4/8/2014
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Almost-Linear-Time Algorithms for Fundamental Graph Problems: A New Framework and Its Applications
Colloquium talk at the Computer Science Department of Boston University on 3/21/2014
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A Simple, Combinatorial Algorithm for Solving SDD Systems in Nearly-Linear Time
TCS+ Talk on 11/6/2013
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Iterative Methods and Regularization in the Design of Fast Algorithms
Tutorial talk at FOCS’13 Workshop on New Techniques for Flow and Cut Problems
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A Nearly-linear-time Spectral Algorithm for Balanced Graph Partitioning
MIT TOC Colloquium on 3/19/2013
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